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Futon sofas offer an advantage that traditional sofas do not - you can change the cover completely without sending them out to a padding at significant cost. Change the futon cover and change the most dominant feature of your room decor.

Warning: Of course, the futon frame remains the same, so choose carefully when buying the frame.

Don't forget that the futon is a sofa that opens to a bed at night. This is about room design!

If you look at any room or even living room, it is likely that the sofa and carpet are the dominant features of the room. We use all other, smaller design features, such as pillows, wall decorations, lamps, side tables and chairs to accessorize the dominant color scheme.

When the traditional sofa cover has become tired, pale or dirty - that's it! Your only options are to redo and cover it again or buy a new one.

Futons offers a completely different scenario. When you tire of the colors or pattern of the futon mattress cover, it's as easy to change as 1-2-3! When your blanket gets tired or dirty beyond your interest in cleaning it, a whole new look is a heartbeat away with a surprisingly small investment.

If you don't have a furniture store nearby that sells futon covers, you can visit a site that sells futons to see hundreds of futon fabric offers to choose just the right color and pattern combination to suit your room. There are swatches to make sure you have the right hue. If you are thinking of spending some serious money on new fabrics (not necessary, but fun if you have it), buying fabric samples is a good way to go first.

You don't have to limit yourself to what you had before. As fabric manufacturers are in fact design people, new futon cover patterns, fabrics and colors are introduced each year and older are discontinued. In other words, fabric design and shades come every year, so you may not be able to find the same color / pattern anyway. Only the best-selling futon cloths stay around year after year, so your color is probably not available at the moment anyway.

Start fresh! Breathe some life into your room by choosing patterns and colors that are both new and vibrant . There are literally so many hundreds of futon covers that you are likely to find something that fits well with your current accessories.

Fabric quality, sewing design and durability follow the general rules of common sense. Futon Covers are like everything else - you get what you pay for. You can spend more money on a fabric that has a more elegant design, more vibrant colors, stronger seams, a stronger 3-sided zipper and fits better.

When it comes to design, you can do some incredibly beautiful things with the wonderful futon cover fabrics currently available, including fabrics from top American designers. The Futon Cover websites offer hundreds of simple prints, elegant cloths, and beautiful and breathtaking weaves that showcase nature and ethnic design.

Many manufacturers of futon covers also offer sewing as accessories. You can buy the same or coordinate fabrics for chair covers, Ottoman covers, drapes, sofa cushions, bed covers and duvets and more.

The best manufacturers will create something to your specification in whatever fabric you choose , including those you have purchased independently and can ship to them. Not every site will handle such orders, but those who are most busy with customer satisfaction will make these services available. With so many hundreds of fabrics available, you probably don't have to buy your own.

Find a reseller of futon covers on the web whose customer service can help you get a quote for your customized products. Of course, you want to know your dimensions and fabric choices before calling.

The profit margins on the web are relatively low, so you will be surprised at how reasonable the pricing is, both for on-demand futon fabrics and custom sewing.

But if what you are interested in is sustainability; that is, something that will survive the children and dogs, then a cheaper futon cover of twill fabric will last longer, resist fraying, be easy to wash and be easily accessible. Remember that, just like upholstered sofas, futon covers should fit properly, so washing is not usually necessary.

Whatever you prefer, you have many affordable choices and flexibility with futon covers that you do not exist for traditional upholstery.

Check out the futon cover websites to customize sewing work. It can be like having an expert seamstress with a large stock of fabrics at your immediate disposal.