Paint colors from Chip It! from Sherwin-Williams. Love the real turquoise for …

Paint colors from Chip It! from Sherwin-Williams. Love the real turquoise for living room wall along with the red for accent colors and kitchen wall colors. #real #colors # love # painting

Entry: The entrance to your home is the first impression visitors get from your home. We too often forget how much this can have when decorating for the seasons.

  • Halloween display. Make the most of it by creating a simple display of Halloween characters perched on a small table covered with a black or orange tablecloth. The 4 to 6 inch figures are cheap enough to use even if you have enough space for a small table at your door. Inside, you can go with the same concept, even adding scary lights and wreaths that are available in dollar and discount stores.
  • Animated objects. Animated Halloween characters can add instant festivity to a boring entry table. These figures can move, have sounds, and some are even motion activated. A great way to make your entrance memorable! With increasing popularity, these items are now displayed in dollars and discount stores.

Living / family room: To dress up the rooms where your family spends the most time, use most of your Halloween decor ideas in these rooms.

  • Figure Screen. Use your mantel, a wall shelf, even your coffee table to show an assortment of cheap Halloween characters. Coats are normally overlooked until Christmas, but fireplaces are a good stage area for many seasonal displays.
  • Halloween curtain ties. To add a frightening touch to your room, add a wreath of skeletal heads as a backrest to your curtains. These garlands are available in most dollar stores and one garland can be cut in half to use on a pair of curtains, you can use another garland over the top for some extra Halloween fun.
  • Candy Jar. Halloween is about candy. View candy corn and other candy in bowls for a decorative and tasty touch.

Dining room: turn every October meal into a Halloween party with fun and anticipated seasonal details.

  • Spindle Napkin rings. Turn a napkin ring into a Halloween hit by using hot glue to attach the spiders from cheap Halloween rings to a napkin ring. These are very cheap and are normally sold in bags at discount and dollar stores. A very small investment for a unique decorative touch.
  • Placemats and tablecloths. Go ahead and invest in either an orange or black cloth or place mat. This simple change adds instant Halloween charm to any table.
  • Spooky Centerpiece. Add a touch of the unexpected with a large glass bowl filled with small scales. These can be purchased either in a bag or attached to a garland that can be rolled into the bowl.

Outside: Only Christmas season surpasses Halloween when it comes to decorations outside. Talk about the neighborhood with decorations that go beyond the predictable jack-o-lanterns.

  • Tombstones. Turn your garden into a cemetery with tombstones of cheap foam boards and some paint. Thinner than the ones you can buy in stores, you can customize these for your family (pretty sick), your favorite characters with horror movies or with funny inscriptions.
  • Animated objects. Add some of the unexpected animated Halloween items near your front door. These characters can move or talk, but remember that smaller children are often scared of these. Since gaining popularity in recent years, these items are fairly cheap and available online and in most stores during the Halloween season.
  • Window Dressing. Turn your windows into halloween features with a simple black billboard and some creativity. Cut out patterns of witches, ghosts and other Halloween characters (pumpkin kits have excellent templates) from a complete sheet of billboard. Tape the sheets over the inside of the windows, as you turn on the lights inside, they glow the cutout to show your scary passions.

These ideas will get you started with your Halloween decor, get creative and see what ghostly surprises you can create.