Paint Colors for a Whole Home Color Palette – Calming Neutral Paint Colors

Paint colors for a whole home color palette with calming neutral paint colors from Behr, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams.

Given that you spend most of your time in your home, it only makes sense that thinking about your décor can help support a relaxing and comforting environment. In fact, many do not try to think that color is one of the most important external factors that provoke the senses.

Before you start your own "Extreme Home Fair", ask yourself the following questions:

• How do you feel when you enter your home after a long day of work?
• How do you feel in your bedroom before you sleep?
• Does any room in your house encourage anxiety and restlessness?
• Is any room in your house more soothing than anything else?

The answers to these questions will say the least. If you have pointed out some problem spots in your house that are in great need of remediation to support your mental sense, it may be time to replace a new jar of paint.

5 best color colors to promote relaxation

If you want to make your bedroom, home office, living room or kitchen feel more soothing day in and day out, consider these top colors to promote tranquility and relaxation in your home:

1. Green: Green is a calming color because it is associated with vegetation and nature. It is also considered refreshing and rejuvenating to promote a sense of calm in your home. As an interesting fact, green is recommended as a paint in a home with small children to stimulate children who learn to read!

2. Gray: Gray is a soothing, sophisticated color that can promote relaxation in any room of a house. Even better, gray is an elegant neutral that can be used as a balance color when painting an accent wall in a room. Still, if you are prone to depression, it may be best to avoid gray as it can seem dull and boring when used too much.

3. Blue: Blue is a cool, revitalizing color that is associated with water and the sky. Many people prefer blue as a paint because it promotes calm by creating a spa-like environment.

4. Pink: Before you go crazy and paint a room in light fuchsia, keep in mind that the best pink tones to promote relaxation are light pink and pink cream. These warm colors light up a room without the overpowering palette. Warm, bright roses can also provide refreshments by creating an environment reminiscent of new flowers that bloom in spring.

5. Yellow: Imagine kicking back in the hot summer sun without doing anything all day without relaxing. For many people, painting a light yellow hue in a room reminds them of a lazy holiday afternoon, making sunshine yellow a healing, stimulating color. In addition, yellow is often associated with hope and friendship to promote an air of optimism in a room.

You can use the above color suggestions as inspiration. For best results, always choose a color that inspires and rejuvenates you to make you feel like your best self at home!