Get inspired to improve this country farmhouse living room in your home

Get inspired to improve this country farmhouse living room in your home #heavening #this #quest #her #inspired

One of the biggest concepts that has been introduced and embraced in recent years is the idea of ​​indoor / outdoor life. This means adapting areas outside and adjacent to your indoor housing to expand your space for relaxation, entertainment etc. Many of the new (and smaller) homes being built integrate this concept to the delight of those who buy these homes.

Many of us live in older homes and do not have the luxury of that layout, but we can make small changes to the plan we have that will create the desired effect at a relatively low cost. Usually, it would be the living room / family room or kitchen that would benefit most from this strategy. There must be a door leading to the area outside and preferably this would be a glass door. If you do not currently have this feature, plan to make that change. This is a cost that will prove worthwhile as you can enjoy more of your available living space. Once the purchase has been made, the rest is very cheap and easy to achieve. All it takes is the addition of a piece of furniture (unless you have extra pieces at your disposal, garage sale items work wonderfully), and some well-placed plants in interesting containers and, if desired, an indoor / outdoor area rug. Presto, you have another available living space.

When I imagine what my perfect home would look like, I imagine small areas of several of the rooms that would expand their living space by using the exterior. The bedrooms would all have glass doors leading to the outside where there is a small table and at least one chair (preferably basket or metal) where you could sit and sip on a cool drink while reading the newspaper or a new novel or just enjoying the day. The only thing needed to complete this idyllic scene would be some beautiful plants or flowers pleasantly arranged. Some of the "outdoor room" can be defined by a small indoor / outdoor area rug that is widely available and cheaply priced. The kitchen would have double glass doors leading out to a patio where there would be a larger table and 6 plus chairs for eating and entertaining outdoors.

Of course, summer is the perfect time to enjoy and take advantage of this arrangement the best, but I have found that even during the cold winter months it is a good idea to have something beautiful and interesting to look at when you look out the windows or the glass doors. . Keeping some small evergreen plants (firs, pines, belly trees) placed in pots that can be moved around your garden as desired is a great way to get more mileage out of your purchases. When winter arrives at my home, I simply move and arrange several of the houseplants that can be seen from inside the house and then I can enjoy them throughout the winter season. It's especially fun to put little white lights on them during the Christmas holidays, they cheer on me every time I pass by. Try it, you like it.