Best 19+ small living room ideas and design (that will change in 2019)

Best 19+ small living room ideas and design (that will change in 2019) #change #best #design #small #roomroom ideas

From early times in the United States (USA), until the 1970s, much family activity was concentrated in the living room of a home. Also known as the "reception room", home bakers took guests there as soon as they entered the home. This room contained the best seating and furniture. There the drapes hung nicely around the windows. A small piano can be found in the room. A vase with fresh cut flowers and a bowl filled with nuts or mint can rest on the coffee table. "Eat something while I get coffee in the kitchen," a home baker can tell guests.

Kept immaculately clean, the living room allowed the home baker to entertain guests without having to get far into the home (where movements lurked). A home baker can comfortably participate in polite and interesting conversation and make an impression on the guests in the living room. That place, the most formal, cloak-and-tie room in the house, radiated sophistication and cleanliness, and it wordlessly identified the family as rising in social status (or did not). But housing changed in the United States in the 1970s when people wanted to express themselves, to have more choices, and they cared less about what guests thought of them.

They cared more about configuring their home with imaginative and useful living space. Even today, most newly built houses, like those built before the 1970s, have living rooms. Yet the family room (where the radio once rested, when the TV set was sitting, and now wide-screen TV is mounted on a wall) practically both the family and their guests. Entertainment in the digital age, not a simple conversation, requires access to digital content (no upholstery necessary or desired).

Homeowners began renovating their living rooms into home offices, a special room with desks, a computer workstation and online access. Then the computer workstation was developed to be the source of computer games and many former living rooms and offices became online games rooms. Neither computer use nor games now require sequencing in a room. A tablet or laptop enables mobile computer use and a smart phone enables online gaming.

Where does this leave the old living room? Some people place a bar there, complete with a pool table. For other people, this has become the guest bedroom (closed with an access door to a full bathroom). Pets are sometimes given the space for themselves, complete with their bed, toys, a dog bar (a dog with bar and water and kibble) and an access door located at the bottom of the front door. Some of these ideas make more sense than a living room with no life, a ghost of bay ghosts and dust bunnies. # Tag1writer