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You do a remodel and know you want to add some lighting to the room, but your stumped. Where do I start is the most common question I get. There are some basic guidelines and factors that can help you decide where to start and how to proceed.

First, let's take the room and its needs. Different rooms require different lighting solutions. Rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, seals and basements can be illuminated properly with a simple general lighting plan. In rooms up to about 12 & # 39; x 12 & # 39;, a ceiling light that can hold incandescent light bulbs is approximately 120 watts. For a better and more evenly paid light, 4 recessed lamps work approximately 40 "from each corner.

A living room or enclosure can be a rectangle as opposed to a square. A room that is 15 & # 39; x 12 & # 39; would be more evenly illuminated with 6 recessed jars. In these rooms, lighting can be supplemented with wall lamps and or table or floor lamps.

The kitchen and bathroom require much more thought. In these rooms, where the tasks are performed, it is important that the lighting level is high enough to perform these tasks safely and comfortably. In a good kitchen lighting plan, all work areas will be well lit. The best solution is to place the jars so that the center is directly above the outer edge of the cabinets. This provides plenty of light and avoids shadows when working at the counters. Distance in the kitchen is also very important. Keeping the recessed lights about 4 feet apart and no more than 5 feet will ensure that you have even scattered light.

If you come across a wall and need to ask questions about lighting, try a Lighting Forum. There are some basic lighting principles that can help you in this process. One is to understand that light in most luminaires has some type of pattern. For example, a recessed light with a reflector type bulb distributes a pattern in the form of a cone. When this pattern reaches the floor it is in the form of a circle. By easily overlapping this light circuit it is possible to have a very even distribution of light in the room.

Since most members of a household go upright and those who do not & # 39; t, probably won & # 39; Do not leave any complaints about lighting, is a general rule to light a room to design the plan on a work plan. This is an imaginary plane about 30 "from the floor. This helps provide a nice even illumination for most tasks in any room. This is where it is important to understand the light pattern your fixture has. The pattern is. Reflective lamps you can get this information from the lamp manufacturer.

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