35 Awesome Bohemian Home Decor – Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Wall Decor

35 Awesome Bohemian Home Decor – Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen & Wall Decor

Porcelain tiles are a great product for home and work. With the advancement of technology over the last ten years, we have seen tremendous growth in the ultimate floor. From polished to matte modular to glazed, porcelain is the floor to have during 2012. Or just why not use it on your walls in bathrooms and kitchens?

Porcelain tiles come from all over the world from Italy, Spain, China, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The whole world has gone crazy china !! And why not, as I said before, it is the ultimate coverage.

Here are some options for porcelain:

Polished porcelain : With its highly polished finish, all rooms provide a high-quality finish whether on the wall or floor. Use it on bathroom walls or on bathroom floor polished porcelain is easy to clean and maintain. Kitchen floors will glitter with a polished porcelain on the floor. To bounce your light back into the room, see is to believe

Modular porcelain: With its mixed size cobblestone effect will create the farm house, cottage feel. Used in kitchens, halls, living rooms, conservatories, the modular porcelain works in both modern and older properties. Glazed finish means no seal and little maintenance.

Rectified porcelain : Has a square cutting edge to replicate real cut stone but without the hassle of sealing and maintenance. This gives a minimal high special look and works well on both walls and floors. small joints restrict grouting and provide a nice flat surface.

Unglazed porcelain : Tends to have a good anti-slip finish. Along with looking good, this will provide peace of mind in wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools and changing areas.

Glazed porcelain: Simply looks fantastic and lasts a lifetime. Glazed porcelain is a very durable floor covering. In a wide range of designs, colors and sizes, they can be used on bathroom walls, kitchen floors, halls, living rooms, conservatories.

Working with porcelain can be difficult, when I recently put my own kitchen floor tiles I used a glazed porcelain tile. The tools are the key to fixing porcelain, a good plate bed for your straight inserts is essential, the amount of tiles I wasted with a child insert was criminal. The motor driven wet wheel is also very handy for cutting around the thresholds.

Another lesson I learned, make sure you have the right glue and grout for the floor and the substrate. A flexible glue with some is the most common and ideal for concrete floors and pre-reinforced floors, and a flexible grout will fill your joints and protect the glue under moisture.

I did a good job on my kitchen floor if I do say so myself, but it took a while to complete! Next time I will have a professional who knows exactly what to do and tools to use and not even ask to try to drill them! It's a story for another day.

To summarize easy to clean and maintain, porcelain tiles make the best flooring for your floors. Whether polished, glazed, rectified, uncorrected, it is the ultimate coverage. Make sure you have the right tools and glue and if you can get professional with it!