25 Elegant living room wall colors that match furniture – #The #Elegant # pieces of furniture

25 Elegant living room wall colors that match furniture – #The #Elegant # pieces of furniture … #elegante #eleganten #floor

Have smart thoughts when you want to decorate a room cheaply and nicely. Some people think that furnishing a living room means a big budget plan. It is not true if you can choose affordable accessories, furniture and knicknacks. You do not need to focus on the luxury materials. Choose the vintage ones that you can shop at the flea or garage sale. The distressed vintage accessories and furnishings allow you to turn the ordinary living room into a shabby chic look. The space will be elegant for you to add pink chintz, gilded edges, charming whitewashed wood coffee table and comfortable sofa.

White pastel palette

A shabby chic living room looks larger with white pastel palette on the wall. Use pure white or vintage white to cover the entire wall. If the living room has woodwork, apply chalk painted style to the crown molding, window shutter and trim line. The uneven finish, coarse texture and restless tone characterize the shabby chic painting style.

Vintage items

You do not need to buy new accessories and furniture in the stores. To achieve a shabby chic quality, reproduce the items you've already had at home. A classic white side table is interesting to embellish with an old lamp with red brocade shadow. Spread a vintage slipcover on an elegant camel couch. The wooden coffee table is excellent for decorating with decorated silver tray, an antique vase and pink roses.

Fruits and flowers

The final touch on shabby chic interior design is by having unique prints. Flower and fruit prints are the two most popular. Drape a pink floral curtain on white windows. Match it with a finished copper bar. If you are bored with floral patterns, replace it with fruit curtain. In addition, place a cream-colored bowl and fill it with pears, red apples and peaches on top of a rustic wooden table.


The white and pink decor will blend into a crystal chandelier. If the price of this lighting fixture is too expensive for you, you can buy a wrought iron chandelier. It reflects the medieval era, but blends well into the shabby chic interior. Paint in gold or silver finish. If you need a new lamp shade, the shape of the scallop is one for unique quality. The lamp shade can be made of burlap, feather or pressed lace to enhance shabby chic beauty.