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As the name suggests, more than 50 different flower readings have been featured in this e-book, made from both new and traditional stitching. Montano Color Chart helps one to choose different colors for patterns. This e-book states that gardens, needlework and flowers are all related to each other. Author Judith Baker Montano shows the method of creating floral scenes with threads, ribbons and other material.

An interesting collection of fresh and beautiful embroidery stitches has been illustrated in this Floral Stitches: An Illustrated Guide to the Floral Stitchery eBook. The author also adds his own sewing knowledge and creative wisdom to create design ideas. Such ideas help to enliven homes and clothes through artistic handmade pieces, in addition to being perfect gifts for all occasions. The great thing about this book is that ideas have been presented in a simplified way and are also easy to implement.

In addition to providing uncomplicated and informative text has interesting stories, suggestions are also given, which help to complete the stitching. Many informative images of the finished design materials have also been given. Previous readers seem to have been very motivated by Floral Stitches: An Illustrated Guide to the Floral Stitchery eBook. Readers have made use of the different types of beads, embroidery and mixed media given here.

This Floral Stitchery eBook author Judith Baker Montano is a world famous Canadian fiber artist, photographer, writer and teacher, widely recognized as an expert on crazy quilt patterns, silk embroidery and other embellishments. Her interests in fabrics and embellishments reflect Indian, German and French influences. Montano's designs are drawn from her observations of craftsmanship, while staying between an Indian reserve and a Hutterite colony. She also shares her passion for gardening through this e-book. Montano grew up in Alberta, Canada, at the historic Bar U Ranch. Apart from these, the impact has also been taken from being in Germany, England and Japan for eight years.

Judith went to California State University and completed a degree in arts and journalism. After graduation, she worked on paintings with the San Francisco Art Guild. Soon experiments with materials and her sewing machine led her to create the Montano Center Piece Method, which is a copyrighted machine technique for crazy quilting.

Judith got the Governors General & # 39; s Centennial Award of Canada, which recognizes her for contributions in works of art, as a foreign statistician. In addition to winning several awards during her illustrious career, she has also designed for well-known brands Butterick / Vogue, Treenway Silks, Bucilla Company, Mokuba Ribbons of Tokyo, Fox Hill Designs, Robert Kaufman Fabrics and Kanagawa. Her beautiful crafts have been on display at the Denver Art Museum in Denver, Colorado, Profiles Gallery, in Alberta, Canada, Dairy Barn in Athens, Ohio, among others. Thus, one can clearly see where the experience behind Floral Stitches: An illustrated guide to the Floral Stitchery eBook comes from.