Not the colors, but yes, the large, floor-to-ceiling windows in the guest house / pool house

Not the colors, but yes the large, floor-to-ceiling windows in the guest house / pool house, #boden #decke #farben #fenster #gastehaus

As an artist for almost 50 years & # 39; experience drawing comes quite naturally to me. This played out in advertising jobs that I got from several companies and then my own company. Newspapers and mail drops were my specialty and design was especially important to get as much information to the reader's eye as possible. This meant that smart drawings had to make room for the words.

In recent years as a writer, this skill has paid off when choosing as few words as possible to describe something. Generally, writers try to paint a picture that their audience will record. The same goes for the Internet.

Web pages and articles have about six seconds of viewing time to catch their audience before the page is clicked over. If there isn't an eye-catching title or word that takes their interest, they're gone, and they rarely come back.

While viewers in this latest media format amount to many millions or more, there is no guarantee that a web page will be viewed. Instead of words, many will be drawn in by a big picture. Over time, a logo or comedy image will instantly connect if they know there is an advantage to having by sticking.

The logo is fantastic drawing cards and teaching people to respond to them is best done through graphics rather than words. This is because many are not fast readers and some can hardly read at all. But everyone responds to a picture.

On the other hand, if you appeal to a more intellectually conscious audience, it is the words rather than the image they respond to. It is important, therefore, to know who your audience is and how you can best present your material so that the balance is right. This is where graphics, writing and drawing skills all come into play.