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αliyαcαtαleyα 蜜糖

How many times does an artist stare down at the blank paper and think "What on earth do I paint - Where do I put my first mark?" More often than you would imagine! It happens to all creative people, from visual artists, designers, poets, to musicians and writers.

When this situation arises, you are in the grip of creative block. When you lose your brain to come up with ideas but just can't seem. There may be contributing factors to this condition, such as fatigue, depression, the environment, physiological or psychological problems. On the other hand, you can only experience a period of simple low creativity.

When this happens, there are some things you can do to restore your creativity levels whenever you want, but what you shouldn't do is worry or worry about it. If the worst gets worse and you don't seem to be able to produce any work, you just see the period as a & # 39; semester & # 39; or a rest. Your level of creativity will rise again. In the meantime, you can use the time you have not created
to do positive things anyway.

Explore other artists & # 39; work. Visit galleries or browse the web and see what others are doing. Join Artists & # 39; chat rooms or visit message boards or forums where you can exchange ideas and opinions with other artists. Just talking to other creative people can give you a real buzz! You can even make some new friends in the process.

Spend the time you don't actually produce art by increasing your marketing efforts. Send postcards to galleries, explore upcoming local art fairs or events where you may be able to grab a booth to sell your art. Have some brochures or brochures printed out all about yourself and your work. Take a few days off your schedule and do a local drop for neighborhoods.

Update your website or online portfolio. You may think it's already perfect, but it's not often that things can't be improved or sharpened in any way. Update your artist's statement; put new & # 39; sing & # 39; in your descriptions.

If you really can't do anything with your own artwork, visit the theater, go to a pop concert, browse local museums. Go to a restaurant or coffee shop with friends and have a (non-art related) nights.

Take the time to take a full break if that's what works best for you. You instinctively know when the time is right to & # 39; go back & # 39; to your art. When this happens, there are many techniques you can use to get back into the swing of high creativity. I explore these in my article & # 39; Overcoming Artist Blocks (Part 2) & # 39;