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Do you think you can be an artist? Have you done any doodles or drawings before that are unfinished because you are not sure to continue? Did you try to draw a flower and feel good about it? I'll show you how to discover your artist within.

If you saw a beautiful portrait of a girl and got your attention by its beauty, you fell in love with it and knew that someone else and yourself will appreciate it. You have an artist within! It shows that you have a creative vision. Don't wait any longer just drop it! Get your desire to bring out your creativity by discovering the artist who is hidden in you and coming out through your own artistic eye.

I believe that regardless of our state of life, we all have the creative inspiration within and have the right to express it in order to feel fulfilled and happy. They can be expressed by writing poems, playing guitar, singing, creating crafts and many more. On this site you will know how to discover the artist within you in the visual arts area.

Eight steps and signs that show that you have the artist in you:

1. Be aware of your artistic symptoms. If you appreciate art and love to create, release it by wanting to create through drawing and painting.

2. Identify obstacles that delay your ability to express the artist in you. One of the big factors is fear and doubt. Be sure of yourself. Stop "what ifs". You can do it!

3. No other force can let the artist in you come out without "you" alone. Accept the truth that you are creative. Do not deny it!

4. Don't let your creative inspiration die. Start it and let it live by learning how to draw and paint.

5. Don't ignore the people who ask your help to do small creative things for them. These are the ones that reveal your artistic ability.

6. Your passion and joy create your favorite images that show beauty.

7. You love being in the arts and crafts store. It's your favorite place.

8. You enjoy attending art fairs and gallery shows and carefully reviewing the artist's work.

Congratulations! You've found the artist in you! Now you can be sure you can draw creatively and take it to the next level by drawing a flower from your garden or creating portraits in pencil that your friends and loved ones like.

One of the most interesting topics to create when discovering your artistic ability is to draw realistic pencils portraits. When I was a little kid growing up to become an artist, I was always inspired to draw the human face. I became so busy with this subject that I continued to practice portraits of my family and friends. I encourage you to do the same and you will see the reward that you will do.

What are you waiting for! This is the beginning of the many beautiful images that you will create. This is your fantastic opportunity to start a new world of creativity. Bring out the artist in you and enjoy your new art world!