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Do you think of ways to beautify your walls without the same old wall treatments as painting them and sticking to ideas? Then, why not come along and read this article? All you get are the best ways to use little used art prints and other interior elements that most people would not have thought to place on their walls - for perhaps simply lack of thought.


Good! Read on to discover how and what types of art prints in addition to other ideas with essential home decor accents you can effectively use to enhance your home's beauty in a timeless way that reflects your personal sense of style and appeals to everyone you open your home to.

One of the best ways to go with today's home decor trends is to buy reproductions by well-known artists (these don't cost much, especially if you pick up poster art in standard sizes on standard art paper instead of cloth or silk screen, which can be a little higher but even then, not as expensive as the originals). Then you can invest in some quality artwork made from stylish or unique materials, such as bamboo, seashells, stained glass, faux wood finishes, even marbled borders if not paper machines, etc. to get a distinct look at the artwork contained in it.

Alternatively, you can choose background mounting paper for the reproductive masterpiece; say a portrait sketch or famous still life in a printed format or even a piece of fabric for a truly innovative environment that highlights your painting for a more visual appeal. Professional interior designers also recommend using old handmade lace, ribbons, self-edged edges like combed shells to neatly bend all sides of selected art prints before mounting and framing in simple, elegant and narrow frames for a classic look blended with vintage style inside.

If you choose to frame landscape art, there are a number of art prints that you can use to present on the walls in a variety of styles, ranging from a series of a popular artist but going in an ascending order of sizes when you place these on wall; or you can simply choose to go monotonous with black and white landscape sketches of different parts of a village for a minimalist wall art effect. You can also go to sepia tinted landscape images that tell a story through poster art prints you choose as a set of 4-8 same-size mural art placed to look like a certain shape, e.g. square, rectangle or even a zigzag pattern.

But it is important that you keep your furniture in mind when choosing to embellish the walls with art prints such as high or heavy furniture, as period pieces or bracelets can remove the vibrancy created by essentially decorative poster art placed on the walls.

Also, try to choose art for the walls that match the rest of the room decorations. For example, for a French country theme with bright flowers, lace or natural fiber cloths and light furniture, go with a quiet rural design that helps to tie in all the room's d├ęcor elements with its innate simplicity reflected in the artwork.

For living room, dining room and bedroom walls you can choose from wild animals to flowers, in addition to seasonal, garden or poster art by the masters - Van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt or Picasso as poster art of these sizes is affordable, modern and good conversation starters anywhere they are located.