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A page layout is an art of arranging or organizing text and images (illustrations, symbols, photographs, etc.) on a page or pages to create a desired and pleasing effect. A well-designed page attracts the reader's attention and presents the material in an easy-to-read way. Modern page layout offers graphic designer with many options that make his / her work very attractive, efficient and unique.

i. Formal / symmetrical layout:

This is a format that is divided into two equal parts to achieve balance. This is achieved when an imaginary vertical centerline divides the layout and each page of it contains the same amount of copy text and illustrations. It expresses dignity and stability. The "toolbar" formatting on the computer has commands or operations that help designers organize their page layouts, for example in setting their work according to the specification. Examples are the fair, unmotivated and centered layouts.

• Motivated: In this arrangement, all lines are the same length and are oriented to form a straight line on both left and right or rewind left and right. Word spacing is adjusted so that each row fills the entire dimension. It is the most common format and is very easy to read. However, it contains many hyphens.

• Unjustified: The rows of type in this format are either coiled left and ridge right or coiled right and ridge left. The flush to the left is plain and easy to read but flush to the right is not popular and is difficult to read.

• Centered: The type rows in this arrangement appear sturdy at both ends. The lines center on an imaginary vertical line making it symmetrical. It is a good layout format for headers and certificates.

ii. Informal layout

It is also called asymmetrical layout. This format has an informal balance. Each page contains uneven amounts of copy text and illustrations. Informal balance gives the artist the freedom to place different types and elements in design with the help of personal opinion and taste. It is often difficult to read. Examples of the informal layout are contours, run-out and inclined layouts.

• Contour: In this style, each page contains uneven amounts of copy text and illustrations in undulating form (move in a wavy pattern).

• Execution: In this format, each page of the layout contains uneven amounts of copy text and illustrations in circular form.

• Tilt: In this layout style, each page of the layout contains uneven amounts of copy text and illustrations tilted to the left or right (diagonal pattern).